Increase Your Horizontal and High Jumps at Your Next Meet!

Get some of the best instruction for your horizontal jumps or high jumps with Cliff Rovelto, Kansas State University Director of Cross Country and Track & Field.  Rovelto was also a 7x Team USA staff member and will have his demonstrators show you a variety of drills that will have you jumping farther or jumping higher!  See what these two Track & Field DVDs have to offer:

Mega Drills for the Horizontal Jumps

  • Over 40 drills for successful long and triple jumping
  • Achieve maximum velocity at takeoff for longer jumps
  • Add 6″ to 8″ to your jump by learning to land “active”

Cliff Rovelto’s Complete Guide to the High Jump

  • Develop an approach that will optimize your athletes’ individual strengths
  • Includes drills for proper takeoff mechanics to fully maximize the speed gathered during the approach
  • Discover multi-jump progressions that allow the athlete to focus on their technique without the wear and tear of taking full jumps
  • Features demonstration by 2011 World Champion Jesse Williams
If you like both of these DVDs, purchase the Cliff Rovelto Jump Training 2-Pack and save $10!


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