Transition Offense: Breakdown of the 5 v 4 Fast Break Drill

Give your transition game a boost with this effective 5 v 4 fast break drill. Follow along as Cortland women’s head lacrosse coach Kathy Taylor breaks down the action via whiteboard before heading out to the field for live simulations. This is a terrific drill to practice team finishing and working against defensive pressure in a fast break setting.

Chalk Talk: Breaking Down the 5 v 4 Drill

The drill starts at the restraining line with the midfielders. Imagine that your middie has broken free and is now ahead of their opposing midfielder. Meanwhile, you should have four other attack players lined up. The goal is to keep the ball ahead of the other middie, who is currently behind us and catching up to the play.


With a 5 on 4 situation, we have a numbers advantage and have the defense matched up. Therefore, the midfielder with the ball must force one of the defenders to make a decision quickly. However, executing here is easier said than done.

Far too often, ball carriers hold on to the ball far too long. As soon as the defense makes any kind of commitment, put that ball into the respective attacker’s stick. Move through the space and look for the pass right back for a give and go and a shot. If it doesn’t work, keep moving the ball ahead of the defensive slides. There will be a player open.


Practice finding that open player and attacking.  But remember, keep the ball ahead of the pressure and make quick decisions. You only have a few seconds until the numbers return to even again.

The previous clips can be seen on Championship Productions’ DVD “Building Your Team’s Transition Game” with Kathy Taylor.” To check out more videos featuring specific offensive systems, visit our lacrosse video library


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