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New Basketball Coaching Series featuring AAU and Fran Fraschilla!

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We would like to present to you our basketball coaching series we produced in association with AAU (The Amateur Athletic Union).  These 9 world class DVDs feature instruction from ESPN Analyst and former Division I college basketball coach (Manhattan College, St. John’s University and University of New Mexico), Fran Fraschilla!  Get expert advice from Coach Fraschilla and learn all the aspects it takes to create a championship team.  See what these 9 new AAU Basketball DVDs have to offer:

AAU Coaching Boys Basketball Series: Building a Championship Program

  • Organize your practices to get the most out of your coaching staff, equipment, gym time, and goals
  • Put your coaching philosophy into practice – and on paper – to make it a reality
  • Construct a master plan of which concepts to teach and when and how to teach them

AAU Coaching Boys Basketball Series: Individual Skill Development Drills

  • Develop essential basketball skills in your players
  • Learn footwork drills that will challenge your players’ ability and help cut down on their turnovers
  • Install a post progression series that will teach your players how to effectively read a down screen and a side pick and roll screen to create great scoring opportunities
  • Teach the fundamental aspects of a layup and challenge your players with different finishing moves around the rim
  • Develop individual skills through a series of 2-man drills

AAU Coaching Boys Basketball Series: Individual Defense Drills

  • Learn progressive drills that build team defensive skills from the ground up
  • Learn four concepts that every team should emphasize within their defense
  • Use the “Shell Drill” in a variety of ways to teach help side defense, how to defend cutters, and how to rebound to finish a possession
  • Dominate the paint defensively

AAU Coaching Boys Basketball Series: Offensive Skill Development Drills

  • Learn ball handling drills to develop your players’ weak hand – and strong hand
  • Teach your players how to space and move without the ball to create a better scoring opportunity for your team
  • Develop passing skills that will leave your defender guessing where you will pass next
  • See shooting drills that will develop your players’ form and challenge their shooting ability against any defender

AAU Coaching Boys Basketball Series: Shooting Mechanics and Drills

  • Build your youth players’ shooting mechanics using fun drill progressions
  • Use the Steve Nash Drill Series to develop a shooting routine your players can use every time they walk into the gym
  • Develop catch-and-shoot skills and shooting against defensive pressure

AAU Coaching Boys Basketball Series: Motion Offense

  • Develop a simple motion offense that can be used at all levels
  • Utilize an effective press offense to attack aggressive full court defenses – and make them pay
  • Maintain pressure on the defense throughout your possession

AAU Coaching Boys Basketball Series: Zone Offense and Specials

  • Learn a zone continuity offense to attack the weakest part of any zone defense
  • Get two last second plays that will give your team the confidence to win the close games
  • Install inbound plays that will create easy, high percentage scoring opportunities under the basket – and will flow right into your motion offense

AAU Coaching Boys Basketball Series: Fast Break and Secondary Break

  • Install a primary break that can be executed at all levels to give your team early opportunities to score
  • Learn how to use a secondary break to continue to pressure the defense before they can get set
  • Develop an offensive philosophy that will prepare you for any game time situation

AAU Coaching Boys Basketball Series: Building Your Team Defense

  • Learn the four keys to building a stifling team defense
  • Learn simple techniques that will help your team defend screens
  • Use zone pressure, trapping and relentless full court pressure to create turnovers and easy transition buckets
  • Utilize a 2-3 zone as a change-of-pace defense to incorporate traps in the half-court game

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