4 Valuable Dribble Penetration Options to Beat Man-to-Man Defenses

Led by 2010-11 Naismith National High School Boys Basketball Coach of the Year Kevin Boyle, the following drills utilize dribble penetration in order to beat the defense and set up high-percentage shots at the basket. Ideal against man-to-man defenses, look to practice these key offensive options if you’re hoping to improve your team’s decision making while breaking down the opposition.  

Option 1 – Jump Stop and Dish

Start players at half court. One at a time, players will dribble down and beat the first defender who’s positioned just above the three-point line. Once players reach the lane, have them make a jump stop before dishing off to a teammate with a left-hand bounce pass.

For the big guys down low receiving the bounce pass, get your fingers up and your feet pointed towards the rim. The goal is to quickly turn your shoulder and chest to the baseline and go up strong with a left-hand lay-up. Meanwhile, ball handlers should look to get deep into the paint for that effective jump stop and dish.

Option 2 – Wing Kick Out

Now get about half of your offensive guys over in a line at the wing area. Next, we will emulate those situations where you beat your man and a big man steps up in the paint. But let’s say that a help defender slides over to guard that offensive block player.

Therefore, in these situations, dribblers should look for the kick-out pass to the wing. Wing players should not fade down. Instead, step up a bit and be ready for that jump shot. Don’t fade down. Step up a bit and be ready for that jump shot.


Option 3 – Drive and Score

This next option works on those situations when the defense comes up too high to help. As soon as that happens, the ball handler should try to cut around the defense and make a strong move at the rim for a layup opportunity.

Option 4 – Pull-up Jumper

This final option imitates when the help defender makes a fake help gesture and just stays back. When this happens, the dribbler can stop and go for a 15-foot pull-up jumper.


The previous clips can be seen on Championship Productions’ DVD “Complete Package for Man & Zone Offense” featuring Kevin Boyle. To check out more videos highlighting man-to-man offense and drills, please visit our basketball library. Got a dribble penetration drill that works wonders for your squad? Let us know below or e-mail us at info@championshipproductions.com.

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