Excellent Libero Drills to Enhance Your Attack!

Check out some high quality Libero drills featuring Todd Dagenais, University of Central Florida Head Women’s Volleyball Coach.  He has improved the UCF Women’s program every year since his arrival and led the team to a 20+ win season last year.  Here is a clip of the 6-Ball Diagonal Drill, where the objective of the drill is to catch the ball with your shirt.  This allows you to develop better footwork, speed, and body positioning.

Tips: Coaches, vary the height and speed of the ball.  Athletes, focus on shuffling your feet to get under the ball and in place to hit a controlled shot that you can easily aim toward your target


View an additional clip from the product page of “Libero: The Definitive Guide! .”  Also, take a look at more high quality Todd Dagenais DVDs and other world class instructional Volleyball DVDs.

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