Learn to Improve Your Backstroke Form with a 3x U.S. Olympic Coach!

Here we have backstroke instruction from 2012 US Olympic Swim Team Assistant Coach, David Marsh.  During his college coaching career he was a 8 X NCAA Coach of the Year and 12 X NCAA Champion at Auburn.  Listen to an overview of all the various aspects of the backstroke.  You will learn concepts and drills from Coach Marsh that will allow for improved times on your backstroke.


Swimming a successful backstroke requires the swimmer to have a clear understanding of the key components of the stroke.  You will see a breakdown on various parts of the backstroke.  Coach Marsh has always told his swimmers to swim “tall,” which is done by lengthening the neck and the spine.  To maximize speed it is key to maintain a straight line down through your spine and keep your chin back slightly.   One other factor is the importance of a steady, flowing kick while keeping your feet inside your hip line.

Tips:  As your hand leaves the water, lead with your thumb, and as your hand re-enters the water, lead with your pinky finger.  Also, make sure your hand re-enters in-line with the body and above your shoulders.


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