Essential Backstroke Drills to Increase Your Speed!

Get world class instruction 3x Olympic Coach, David Marsh.  In this segment Coach Marsh starts off by showing you a 12-12 drill.  This drill teaches a backstroker to establish balance in the water.  It also allow for the swimmer to establish a great catch to initiate the arm pull.  Another drill in this clip is the single arm drill.  This drill emphasizes the catch and push through to exit the stroke.  You can add variety to this exercise by changing the pace of the stroke, such as slow and long strokes.


Tips:  Focus on bringing one hand 12″-18″ below the surface of the water while the hand relaxes on your hip.


Watch an additional clip from the product page of  “Gettin’ Better with David Marsh: Tips, Drills & Skills for Faster Backstroke.”  Also, check out more world class David Marsh DVDs and other instructional Backstroke Swimming DVDs!

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