Must Have Shot Put Techniques from a World Champion!

Combine the agility and grace of a ballerina with the size and power of an NFL lineman and what do you get?  You get Three-time Olympic Shot Putter Reese Hoffa!  Hoffa and University of Georgia throws coach Don Babbitt are featured in this video.  This film does a great job in teaching both beginning and advanced shot putters proper technique and workouts for both glide and rotational shot putting from the basics to advanced levels of technique.

All shot puts begin with a proper technique with the grip and placement of the shot.  If this is wrong, nothing else will matter.  Coach Babbitt addresses the way to teach this art for both glide and rotational shot putters with the subtle difference between both placements on the neck, and drills to teach the proper release of the shot.  Coach Babbitt continues with a teaching progression for both beginning shot putters and drills for experienced athletes.


No matter how much strength an athlete has for the shot, if he or she cannot get into a proper position in the front of the ring for the throw, their strength is wasted to a great extent.  Footwork and balance across the ring count for much in the throw, and according to Coach Babbitt, most of the problem one see’s at the front of the ring at the end of the throw, actually started in the back of the ring before the throw.  For both gliders and rotational throwers he offers some drills to help that all important phase of moving across the ring.  This is an example of the “A” drill to teach proper footwork and balance, beginning with a standing throw.



The rotational shot often seems to be a mystery to many coaches, particularly if you have little experience with it.  But the simple fact is that like any other skill in sports, it is teachable!  Footwork and timing are the keys.  Coach Babbitt and Reese Hoffa demonstrate an intermediate drill called the 180 Half-Turn Throw.   With Reese Hoffa positioned halfway through the circle, Coach Babbitt gives you cues to teach the footwork and timing to teach the rotational shot finish.  This can be taught using a bar or broom handle first, then a medicine ball, and finally using the shot.


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