Keys to Increasing Your Long Jump featuring an Olympic Gold Medalist!

One of the most accomplished of American athletes over the last decade has been Dwight Phillips, the 2004 Olympic Long Jump Gold Medalist.  In World Class Long Jumping, Phillips gives us an inside look at the training and common sense philosophy that has made him a three time world champion.

Dwight Phillips divides the long jump into six phases or areas of emphasis.  He feels that the key to a successful long jump is the approach.   But as any coach knows, finding that proper combination of speed, acceleration and distance can be maddening.  Phillips answer is to step off the runway, and use the track to find the proper approach distance.  Your athlete must develop this consistent approach and a consistent, gradual acceleration to take off.


Your take off determines you path through the air and into the sand.  Phillips describes the proper take off mechanics.  Landing flat footed and powering off the board, with a mental picture of “out” instead of “up” are points of emphasis the Phillips makes.


One of the most interesting points of Dwight Phillips “World Class Long Jumping” is a true look at how an Olympic Champion sets up his training schedule for the year, and the logic behind those workouts.  Phillips establishes a basis of strong fitness and strength and moves towards his outdoor season in well thought out progression.


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