2 Functional Defensive Drills To Improve Your Full-Court Press

Earlier this month, Coach Don Showalter helped us highlight key roles and strategies for the 1-2-2 Full-Court Press. Now check out these complementary drills that will improve your team’s first step and give your players an instant edge when implementing full-court trapping systems.

Big Step Press Drill

Overview: The emphasis here is that the first step is where you get beat or where you beat your opponent. Use this drill to improve your first step and consistently halt the opposition in its tracks.

When in a defensive position, get those hands above the waist and take one foot and make a big step before pushing with the other. So it’s a step and push. Your outside foot must point in the direction that the opposing player is going. Then push with the other. This should be a BIG step.

Drill Set-up: Start off by setting up all players down the length of the sideline. Have each player put their right foot on the sideline while facing the baseline.

Drill Action: Your coach will first say “Defense.” Players should slap the floor and reply, “Ready, ready, ready.” When the coach says “Big Step”, the players must take one BIG step.

Tips: Coaches must closely watch the foot movements of players. For instance, some players don’t move the correct foot first. Place the emphasis on moving the foot in the direction you are going first. Otherwise, you aren’t going to take anything away from the opponent. It truly limits you as a defender.

Also, mix things up a bit by shouting “Sprint.” After players make their big step, they should sprint to the opposite sideline.


Full Court Slide and Sprint

One at a time, players should start just off the low block. Each player will begin with a defensive slide on an angle. Once they get to the sideline, players must drop step and then slide towards half court. Your head and shoulders must keep straight.

When players get to the lane line, they should turn and sprint to the volleyball line. When players get to half court, they will slide to the opposite volleyball line. From here, they will drop step and open up and slide toward the top of the key. Finally, players will sprint to the far sideline (on an angle) before sliding back to the baseline.


The previous clips can be seen on Championship Productions’ DVD “Don Showalter: Full-Court Trapping Defensive System.” To check out more videos in our basketball library focusing on pressure systems and defensive strategies, click here.

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