Home Training Center Skills & Drills with Ken Chertow!

Ken Chertow is a former US Olympian and 3x NCAA All American.  Get a sneak peek inside Ken Chertow’s Training Center where he teaches youth wrestlers a variety of drills.   In this first clip below, Coach Chertow has his wrestlers do stand-up drills. This segment shows three drills. The first drill is a basic stand up drill where the wrestlers drill by themselves. The second drill is an alternating stand-up drill with a partner. The third drill is stand-up to a double leg drill. Coach Chertow emphasizes exploding on the bottom and encourages his wrestlers not to wait on bottom. These are great drills to incorporate daily into a coaches wrestling plan.



In this video clip below Coach Chertow has his wrestlers chain wrestle from the top position. He has his wrestlers do two drills from the top. The first drill is the cross wrist roll series where his wrestlers go from one tilt to the next scoring a plethora of points. The second drill is two turns and a reversal where his wrestlers do two leg turns then the bottom wrestler does a reversal. These are great drills that teach wrestlers to transition from one move to the next naturally.

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