A Trio of Game-Winning Plays to Incorporate This Season

By adding these three effective plays to your playbook this season, you’ll be equipped with a full arsenal for any type of pressure situation. This week’s plays — which derive from high school coaches in Tennessee, New Hampshire, and Arkansas — offer several different options for teams as well. 

Bulldog 3-Pointer

Submitted by Mike Limbaugh, Clarksburg High School, Clarksburg, TN

The Set-up: This is a great play when you need a three-pointer at the end of the game. 1 starts with the ball up top. 2 begins in the ballside corner, just between the far corner and wing area. Meanwhile, 5 is at the ballside elbow, 4 is on the weakside block, and 3 is opposite of 2 on the weakside wing/corner area.

The Action: 1 dribbles hard at 2 and 2 makes a v-cut. 3, 4, and 5 all set staggered screens toward the ballside. 1 reverses the dribble and now looks to pass to 2, who is coming off the screens by 3, 4, and 5 down low. 2 ends up on the opposite side of the floor for an open look at a three-pointer.


Out-of-Bounds Triangle

Submitted by Don Maynard, Oyster River High School, Durham, NH

Overview: This triangle set is run from an under-the-basket position against a man-to-man defense and ensures many scoring options at the end of a game.

The Set-up: While 1 has the ball under the basket, 2 starts out at the top of the key. 3 begins just inside the top of the key, 4 is on the ballside laneline between the block and elbow, and 5 is on the opposite side of 4.

The Action: 3 v-cuts and uses a screen set by 5. 3 ends up on the weakside block and is the first option if open. 4 then screens for 5 just above the free throw line. 5 ends up at the ballside block after cutting off the screen. Next, 4 rolls back to the weakside box after screening. The rollback from 4 is open against a team that switches on screens. Player 2 is your safety and clears to the ballside sideline.


Spot-Up Three

Submitted by Becky Brown, Star City Senior High School, Star City, AR

Overview: A key double screen nearly makes this play unstoppable when you need a three-pointer late in the game.

The Set-up: 1 takes the ball out of bounds on the sideline. 4 and 2 are just about stacked together above the three-point line and closer to the sideline than the rimline. Player 2 is close to the free throw line extended and 4 is closer to the inbounder. Player 3 is at the nearside low block while 5 is in the nearside corner to start.

The Action: 3 curls around (the inside) a double screen set by 4 and 2. Set the screen towards the basket, not away. 5 replaces 3 on the ballside block. Player 1 passes to 3 for an open three-pointer. 1 flashes to the low wing as another option for 3 if he/she is covered.


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