3 Noteworthy Shooting Drills To Implement In Practices This Season

This week’s Playbook Series features three impressive shooting drills that can make a difference at any level of basketball. First read through the step-by-step breakdown of the drill before seeing the play simulated live on the basketball court.

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Roller and Shooter Drill

Submitted by Steve Shepanski, Rush Henrietta Senior HS, Henrietta, NY

This drill works on shooting, closing out, and boxing out. The defender (X) starts on the low block opposite the shooter (O), who is placed at the elbow. X rolls the ball out to O and then sprints to the opposite low block and touches it with his or her hand.

At this point the ball is just arriving to O. X closes out on the shooter as O takes the shot. Player X boxes out, rebounds the ball, and moves to the block opposite of the original starting location. O moves to the high post on the other side of the key. Run the drill for at least 30 seconds and then have the players switch roles.


Devil Shooting Drill

Submitted by CJ Kin, Carey HS, Carey, Ohio

Setting Up: Form two lines outside the three-point arc with four players at each line. Players 2 and 3 and 5 and 6 each have a ball. Position two coaches in the lane with a blocking pad.

The Action: Player 1 cuts across the lane and posts up against the coach on the opposite low block. Stress being physical while getting wide and low while posting up. Player 1 needs to have his/her hands ready like a target and call for the ball. Player 5 only makes an entry pass to 1 when 1 calls for the ball. When 1 catches the ball, he/she executes a drop step to the baseline. Have the coach play them just as a defender would and use the pad to give contact on the shot.

The Finish: Player 1 takes the shot, rebounds, and passes to the line where the pass came from. As soon as Player 5 makes the pass, he sprints across the lane and posts up the coach. The same rules apply and the same movements continue until 1 is back in the starting position again. Look to incorporate five different post moves throughout this drill, such as a drop-step baseline, drop-step middle, reverse pivot with jumper, reerse pivot with shot fake dribble and step through, and one dribble middle and drop step.


Kentucky Shooting Drill

Submitted by Nick Evanich, Marlington HS, Alliance, OH

This drill requires seven balls, two chairs, and at least 9 players. The drill starts with the middle player passing to the wing. The wing catches the ball on the run and attacks a chair or cone at the opposite end of the court with a strong dribble. The wing uses a dribble move on the chair and pulls up for a 15-foot jumper.

Meanwhile, the middle player sprints down the floor and arches behind the wing player with the ball. The wing at the opposite end of the court passes to the original middle player for a jump shot. All the while, the wing that did not receive the pass, sprints to the other end of the floor and catches a pass from the opposite wing down there. As soon as those far end players make the pass, they now sprint down the court, and the middle player hits one of them with a pass to continue the drill.


The previous clips can be seen on Championship Productions’ DVD “30 Sizzling Team Shooting Drills” produced by Winning Hoops. Got some shooting drills to share? E-mail us at info@championshipproductions.com. Want to learn more drills and plays to fill your playbook? Simply head over to our basketball library by clicking here

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