Variety of World Class Volleyball DVDs!

Here we have four Volleyball DVDs featuring Phil Piontek, Chris Gravel, Ron Kordes, and Spencer Wood!  Chris Gravel is the Hillsdale College Head Coach and led his team to the 2011 NCAA DII Final Four.  Ron Kordes, Assumption (KY) High School Head Coach, and has guided his team to 16x State Championships.  Phil “Flip” Piontek of the University of Central Missouri is the head coach and led the team to three straight MIAA Championships (2009-11).   Lastly, Spencer Wood is the President of Icebox Athlete and has worked with some of the top collegiate athletes.  See what you can learn from these Volleyball DVDs:

Progressive Ball Control Drills: A Physical and Mental Approach

  • Get drills to develop good ball control, spatial awareness and engage your athletes
  • Train your players to successfully play through chaotic situations
  • Maximize touches and keep your drills flowing even when you have to pull a player aside for personal instruction
  • These are not your ordinary one dimensional ball control drills

The JVA Presents: The ABC’s of Volleyball Skills & Drills for Young Athletes

  • Learn what each volleyball skill looks like, how to teach it and to practice it with young athletes
  • Get a series progressive drills that add a layer of difficulty as your players improve
  • Features 16x state champion and Asics Kiva Club coach Ron Kordes
  • Create fast-paced, offense oriented practices
  • Learn to turn a bad pass into an aggressive play
  • Learn how to adjust drills to match your team’s needs
  • Learn the importance of the 4 Cs of peak performance and the skills and drills you can apply to ensure you players are performing their best.
  • Learn how players’ confidence in themselves affects their ability to play-even more so than their talent level.
  • Help your players develop practical Mental Toughness Routines that will help them to be ready to perform at their best on every point.
  • Teach your athletes to control their mind between points in order to play more consistently under

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