Fast-Pace Football with a No Huddle Offense!

Become an unstoppable offense with four new Football DVDs featuring Justin Fowler.  He is the Head Coach at Hanford West High School (CA).  Learn how to use every inch of the field and spread your opponent’s defense thin.  The titles of these four Football DVDs are:

Fast-Paced, No Huddle Spread Offense

  • Utilize field position to your advantage with a plan for play calling in six different zones
  • Learn a simple tool called “Screening the Room” to teach your quarterback how to make pre-snap reads
  • Help your offensive line understand the unique challenges of an even, odd, bear and stack front and teach them how to effectively block them
  • Teach your team play with lightning speed by competing in practice as if it were a game

Fast-Paced, No Huddle Spread Offense: Run Game

  • See how to tag a specific player without having to change a play
  • Incorporate the zone read into the inside and outside zone plays to keep defenses honest
  • Learn how to use a fold blocking scheme to neutralize slanting defensive fronts
  • See how to utilize the draw as an effective run anywhere and at any time

Fast-Paced, No Huddle Spread Offense: Screens and Quick Game

  • Learn an incredible Slow Screen to get your dynamic running back into space and allow him to use his talents
  • Install a quick passing game to attack a defense that is putting heavy pressure on your quarterback
  • Discover a call system that simplifies the learning process for the players and allows for the ultimate in execution
  • Use run game formations to gain numbers advantages and stretch the defense

Fast-Paced, No Huddle Spread Offense: 5-Step Passing Game

  • Use a variety of formations, but run the same routes
  • Learn how to adjust your routes in the red zone
  • Develop your quarterback’s ability to read the defense and go through the route progressions based on the coverage

Also, save $20 if you purchase the Fast-Paced, No Huddle Spread Offense Series!

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