3 “Must-Use” Offensive Drills to Improve Inside Production

The following drills are effective tools at improving inside production on the offensive end of the lacrosse field. After incorporating these drills into your practice plan, look for major strides in cutting, catching, and finishing with midfielders and attackmen alike. 

Give and Go Drill

Put all the lacrosse balls in one spot. Get one line of players positioned up top and about 20 yards from the cage. This line starts with the ball and immediately passes it down low to a teammate. This down low player then feeds right back to the original passer as he/she is cutting towards the cage down the middle. The drill finishes with a quick shot on cage.

Notes: Put your passes right on the ear. Always be moving your feet and get the ball in and out of your sticks quickly. Be sure to make a good hard cut to the goal. When you catch the ball, get those shoulders turned and finish strong.


Flare Cut Drill

This flare cut drill is perfect when working on cuts away from the goal and to an open area. The balls will start in the back right. As the ball is exchanged behind the goal, we’ll have one guy on offense and one on defense. The offensive guy works on sealing his defender and getting to an open area for a spot feed and shot. Meanwhile, the defender will try and fight around him.

Notes: The defense will become offense and offense to the end of the line. Look to get off a quick release on your shots. There should be no delay. Look for quick reps here, one after another.


Back and Forth Shooting

This is a terrific drill for working on in-tight finishes and cutting down low among traffic.

One player will start in front of the goal about five yards away. He will face the opposite end of the field and not the cage. Next, this player will turn one way and catch the ball (from a back GLE feeder) and finish it. Immediately after the shot, he will stop, turn to the outside, and then go the other direction with a catch and shoot from a second GLE feeder.

Notes: By turning to the outside, this will really help protect the stick and force you to get the shoulder turned when catching and shooting. Look to shoot low and away. Keep the feet moving at all times. Feeders, pass the ball as soon as shooter player turns his head.


The previous clips can be seen on Championship Productions’ DVD  “Essential Skills for Inside Play” with Bobby Benson. Got any  inside shooting drills that really pay dividends for your squad? Let us know by posting below or e-mail us at info@championshipproductions.com

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