Playbook Series: 4 Must-Add Sideline Inbounds Plays That Get Results

In this week’s Playbook Series, pick up a pair of sideline inbounds plays that are must-haves for crucial situations, dead-ball restarts, or any end-of-quarter scenarios. For each play, first follow the step-by-step breakdown before seeing the action simulated live on the hardwood. Got any other sideline inbound plays that have been effective for your team? Let us know by commenting below or send an e-mail to

Sideline Three-Point Play

Submitted by Steve Smith, Oak Hill Academy, Mouth of Wilson, VA

The Set-up: 4 inbounds the ball on the sideline. 1 starts out on the weakside low block. 3 is on the elbow and 5 is just off the elbow, on the nearside. 2 is just above 3 and 5 and beyond the three-point line.

The Action: 2 breaks toward the basket. 1 breaks toward the ball. 4 passes to 1 and 3 breaks toward the weakside wing/corner. 1 dribbles toward the top of the key while 4 joins 5 in a double screen for 2 down low. 2 pops out to the wing beyond the three-point line.

The Finish: 1 has the option of passing to either 2 or 3 for a three-point shot. 2 can also look down low to 5 or 4 for an inside shot.


3 Quick-Hitting Side-Out Plays

Submitted by Mike Ingram, Lansing Community College, Lansing, MI

The Set-up: 1 takes the ball out of bounds. 2 starts off at the nearside low block. 5 is on the weakside low block. 4 is on the nearside elbow. 3 is on the weakside elbow.

The Action: 2 flashes up to the top of the key off a screen from 4. 3 pops up high beyond the three-point line. 5 breaks to the far corner. 1 passes to 2 and then quickly swings the ball to 3. 1 runs off a screen from 4 and receives the pass from 3, cutting to the middle and getting off a shot or layup.

Option 2: Start with the same set-up as above. Next, 4 steps toward the ball. 2 flashes high off the screen from 4. 3 pops up top. 1 passes to 4. 4 then turns and passes to 5 ducking into the lane. 5 seals his defender and looks to score.

Option 3: Again, start with the same set-up as before. 2 starts by breaking to the corner. 3 pops up to the top of the key. 5 breaks to the corner. 1 passes to 2. Next, 4 cuts to the block and receives a pass from 2. 4 posts up and scores on the baseline or hooks to the middle.


The previous clips can be seen on Championship Productions’ DVD “Over 50 Sensational Sideline Inbounds Plays” produced by Winning Hoops. To check out more effective team plays in the Winning Hoops collection, just visit our basketball library.

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