7 Amazing Offseason Exercises to Build Power

The offseason isn’t always about sunny days at the beach and taking a complete break from lacrosse. It’s also about staying in shape, improving your conditioning, and building strength. It’s that extra work and commitment during the offseason months that really pays dividends for individual players and teams. Follow along with renowned strength and conditioning specialist Rob Rose as he leads you through a number of power & core workouts that are particularly effective for lacrosse players.

Jump Series

With the jump series, we’ll go through four main sets. Focus on your form/technique and don’t let your knees come beyond your toes. Also, drop your butt back and have your knees follow your toes. Go for five jumps in each set and five jumps on each leg when necessary.

Set 1 – Jump Squat

Keep your head up and chest up. Place your hands on the back of your head. Get full extension of your hips. Your toes should be up and make a 90-degree drop. Land on that same line you started at.

Set 2 – Quick Jump

You will drop down and get the arms involved and then quickly drive them up. When you hit the ground, you will land with your arms back and then drive up again. Do five in a row. Get high in the air but land in the same place.

Set 3 – Ankle Flip

There shouldn’t be a lot of bend in the knee. It’s almost like constant hopping in place. Be quick off the ground, have a slight knee bend, and keep a shorter arm movement.

Set 4 – Scissor Jump

This is a split-squat jump, so your knees never go beyond the toe. Your back knee is just off the ground. Keep your knees and toes in line with your arms back and chest down. With your arms up, get a full extension of the hips. Start with your left leg out in front, jump, and then switch to the right leg in front and land that way. Keep it quick. Then go right back up with the other one.


Power Med Ball Push-Up

Set 1 – Med Ball Walk

Here you are simply walking over the med ball and keeping the core tight. Keep your shoulders over your hands. Your hands should be directly underneath your shoulders. Walk across the ball. While one hand goes up on top of the ball, the other hand is on the floor. Up and over is one rep.

Set 2 – Push Up

Push up, come up over the ball, and then push up on the other side. To make it easier, spread your feet out.

Set 3 – Power Push Up

Do a push up, and make sure that the ball doesn’t roll anywhere. Keep that same technique and form. Power up over the ball. If you start with right hand on the ball, power up over the ball, and land on the ball with your left hand. Repeat.

Notes: Go for 10 reps in each set. You can also use a basketball if you don’t have a med ball.


The previous clips can be seen on Championship Productions’ DVD “100 Conditioning Drills & Exercises for Lacrosse” featuring Rob Rose. To check out similar workout and conditioning videos, click here.

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