Our newest Football DVDs have been released!

Take a look at our newest Football DVDs featuring Faulkner University Offensive Coordinator, Corey Fipps.  His offense led the nation in total offense and was third in the nation in scoring during the 2011 season.  See what these three Football DVDs have to offer:

The Air Raid Offense: Overview and Basic Strategy

  • Learn how to install and run a fast tempo offense without a lot of confusing calls and adjustments
  • Learn how to combine the Inside Zone with quick hitting passes and screens
  • Allow your QB to make one read to check into the best run or pass play
  • Use the passing game as an extension of the run game

The Air Raid Offense: Run Game and Screen Game

  • Attack the perimeter of any defense with lightning speed
  • Effectively use play action to lead explosive defensive playmakers away from the ball
  • Learn the Q-Screen for quick hitting plays that bust for long yardage
  • Includes the Eagle Fox package that complements the Q-Screen when you need a home run

The Air Raid Offense: Quick Game and Deep Game

  • Develop an arsenal of high percentage passes that can beat the blitz
  • Learn formations and route combinations that allow you to expose mismatches and get the ball in the hands of your best receiver
  • Learn creative ways to improve red zone performance
  • Adapt common quick game concepts through the use of tags to keep opponents off balance

Purchase all three of these top notch DVDs for the Corey Fipps: The Air Raid Offense 3-Pack and save $15!

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