Brand New Football DVDs featuring Art Craig!

Here we have six brand new Football DVDs featuring Art Craig.  Coach Craig led his team to a 2011 2A State Championship title and over the past four years has averaged over 40 points per game.  These recent Football DVD releases give an in depth look into the Flexbone Offense:

The Flexbone Pistol Offense: The Inside Veer

  • Learn this cutting edge offensive scheme that blends the flexbone veer with the pistol formation
  • See over 24 different formations, with motions, to outnumber your opponent at the point of attack
  • Allow your quarterback to easily see the defensive alignment and make better checks
  • Learn the most effective center-snap technique for the Pistol formation
  • See diagrams that illustrate the blocking assignment for each player

The Flexbone Pistol Offense: The Midline Veer

  • Tips to better coach your QB on making the correct hand-off / pull reads in the Flexbone Pistol Offense
  • Implement a quick and error free two handed snap for the Center and Quarterback exchange
  • Complement the inside and outside veer with a true midline option veer attack to keep the defense honest

The Flexbone Pistol Offense: The Outside Veer

  • Install the easiest short yard play in the option game
  • Train your QB to get a pre-snap read of the defense and get your offense into the best play for the down and distance situation
  • Learn to utilize the TE and unbalanced formations to make the Outside Veer even more effective

The Flexbone Pistol Offense: Passing Game

  • Combine an effective Play-Action Passing game with a perimeter run game
  • Implement a quick passing game with a 1- and 3-step drops
  • Develop a complex passing system using wrist bands that makes it easy for the players to execute
  • Install the complementary pass routes for the Sprint Out passing game

The Flexbone Pistol Offense: Complementary Plays

  • Make your offense multi-dimensional and increasingly difficult to defend
  • Learn to run the Wofford toss, counter trey and the jet sweep versus different defensive looks
  • Learn “Grab Bag” plays featuring non-traditional formations and plays like Super Power

The Flexbone Pistol Offense: Goal Line & No Huddle Packages

  • Learn multiple formations, motions and trades to keep the defense off balance in the red zone
  • Learn goal line plays including outside veer, super power, toss, wedge, inside veer and midline
  • See how to simplify your no huddle system–yet keep it productive

Buy the Flexbone Pistol Offense Series and save $40!

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