3 Proven Under-the-Basket Inbounds Plays Perfect for All Levels

Add some exciting new elements to your playbook this season with these proven under-the-basket inbounds plays. The following sets — designed to counter and surprise any defensive scheme — will give your team a crucial edge during pressure situations. Be sure to read through each play description before watching them simulated live on the basketball court.

Flash Hard

Submitted by Greg Siesel, Monroeville HS, Monroeville, OH

The Set-up: 3 inbounds the ball. 5 starts on the ballside low block. 4 starts on the weakside low block. 2 begins at the ballside elbow and 1 is in the near corner on the ballside (just beyond the three-point arc).

The Action: 5 sets a cross screen for 4, who breaks towards the ball and posts up on the ballside block. 1 sets a screen for 2, who breaks to the nearside corner behind the three-point arc. 3 passes to 2.

Next, 4 and 1 set a double screen across the lane for 5, who pops up near the top of the key on the ballside and 2 passes to 5. 3 ducks in behind 4’s screen on the ballside lane. 5 then passes to 3. 4 and 1 curl from their screens and roll towards the basket.

The Finish: 3 can take the shot or kick it out to 2 for an open jumper. 4 and 1 should box out for a rebound on any shot.


Box Set Baseline Inbounds Play

Submitted by Mike Burris, Olney Central College, Olney, IL

The Set-up: This play works well against a zone defense. 3 is the inbounder. 5 and 4 are on the low blocks with 5 being on the ballside. 1 and 2 are at the elbows, with 1 on the ballside.

The Action: 5 cuts to the ballside corner and 3 hits 5 with a pass. 1 slides across the foulline and sets a cross screen for 2, who cuts across and heads to the ballside wing area. 5 throws a quick pass to 2.

Next, 1 breaks down and sets a down screen on 3’s defender. 3 uses the screen and breaks to the top, hopefully bringing the bottom defender out to the top with him/her. 5 slides across the baseline and sets a cross screen for 1, who curls around the screen and fades into the ballside corner.

The Finish: 2 first looks to hit 3 for a three-pointer at the top of the key, and then looks to 5 slipping to the hoop after setting the screen. He/she can also hit 1 in the corner for a three-point shot.


Bruin with Counters

Submitted by Jimmy Brown, former HC at Georgia Southern, Statesboro, GA

The Set-up: 1 is the inbounder. 2 is at the top of the key. 3 is on the ballside wing area. 4 and 5 are stacked just outside the ballside lane line, between the elbow and low block.

The Action: First, 3 cuts ahead of 2 and breaks for the basket. 4 and 5 set a double screen (towards the middle of the lane) for 2, who comes off the screen and receives the pass from 1 in the near corner for an open jumper. 1 looks for 3 first, and then 2.

The Finish: If 2 gets the ball but doesn’t have a clear shot, 4 and 5 roll towards the basket and set a double screen for 1, who breaks inbounds and heads for the top of the key. 2 quickly swings the ball to 1 for an open shot at the top of the key.

As a counter, line up the ball the same way as before. When the ball is handed to 1, 3 fakes going over top of the double screen and breaks back to the ballside wing. 2 fakes going over top of the screen and V-cuts back towards the basket. The second option remains the same.

As a second counter, from the same original alignment, 4 breaks to the opposite block and 5 breaks to the ballside block. 1 looks for either 4 or 5 down low. If the defense is used to 4 and 5 being screeners from this alignment, it may catch them off guard.


The previous clips can be seen on Championship Productions’ DVD “Over 70 Baseline and Under the Basket Inbounds Plays” produced by Winning Hoops. To check out more plays in the Winning Hoops collection, visit our basketball library.

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