Flood press break is the most effective press break options I’ve implemented. My AAU team now executes this option with relative ease. I go into games now hoping teams press us. There are three critical parts to this option, and must be followed at all times:

1. Bigs have to release to three point arc from half court. Releasing into the paint ruins spacing and makes this brek totally ineffective.

2. Shooting guard has to release fully up the court while the point guard releases to half court and then back to the middle of the floor. If shooting guard does not fully release, that allows an extra defender to attack the ball.

3. Player taking the ball out, the SF on my team, has to be the safety valve and trail behind all of the action once the ball is entered into play. But once the PG gets the ball in the middle of the half court, that will totally disrupt a defense and allow for easier scoring opportunities.

If you effectively run this option enough, that will drive teams away from employing the press against you. This has worked for my team all season!

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