Brand New Basketball DVDs featuring Bo Kimble, Fran Dunphy, and Mike Dunlap!

Here we have just released five new Basketball DVDs that include instruction from Bo Kimble, Fran Dunphy, and Mike Dunlap.  Bo Kimble is a former NBA player, Fran Dunphy is the 2012 A-10 Coach of the Year, and Mike Dunlap is a 2x NABC Division II Coach of the Year.  The titles of these new Basketball DVD are:

All Access Temple Basketball Practice

  • Learn how to run a mid season practice that devotes almost equal time reviewing your team’s offense and defense, while getting ready for an opponent’s offense and defense
  • See how the Temple staff conducts in-season film scouting
  • Use controlled scrimmages as an important part of practice

Basketball in the Fast Lane

  • Turn all five of your players into scoring threats in this up-tempo scheme
  • Learn a continuous fast-paced offensive system that allows teams with less talent to win games against favored opponents
  • Get breakdown drills that emphasize the various odd-numbered fast break opportunities that will become prevalent on game days
  • Learn numerous quick-striking offensive options that can work against any kind of full court pressure
  • Force your opponent to take quick shots and make poor decisions
  • See three different variations of full-court pressure that force the ball into dead end traps
  • Learn how to maintain the press after missed shots and trap late in transition

 Basketball in the Fast Lane – Strength and Conditioning Drills

  • Create an effective workout without a weight room
  • Get the tools you need to build high performance athletes
  • Use interval training to achieve peak performance in the off-season

Encyclopedia of the 1-1-3 Match-up Zone Defense

  • Learn the technical aspects to developing a smothering 1-1-3 Match-up Zone defense
  • Eliminate gaps in the zone by having five players guarding the ball at all times
  • Teach your defense to jump to the ball during the pass
  • Get rebound strategies for the zone defense
  • Train your athletes to be comfortable pressuring the basketball and playing against pressure defense
  • Includes an 18 page PDF document

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