Quick Hitters: 3 Proven Inbound Plays Used by the Pros

In search of a few more inbounds plays this season to mix up your basketball playbook? Look no further than these three set plays used by the Golden State Warriors, Chicago Bulls, and New Jersey Nets during the 2008-09 NBA campaign.

NBA advanced scout Noel Gillespie gives you exclusive access to a variety of inbounds plays designed to give wide-open looks — particularly for late game situations or quick scoring opportunities. Each play is discussed on the court before run at full speed. To finish up, each play ends live 5-on-5.

Golden State Need 3

The Set-Up: Patience is the key to this particular sideline out of bounds play. The big man starts in the middle of the foulline area. A small guard starts up at the top of the key. A second guard or small forward begins on the opposite wing and above the three-point line. Meanwhile, another big forward starts near the low block.

The Finish: First, the low block forward circles around the big man at the line and heads to the opposite corner. The wing players follow just behind the low block forward and then cut to the near corner. The guard up top comes in and screens the center at the free throw line. The big guy will then pop up top for a three-point attempt. This forces a switch for the defense as there’s now a small on a big.


Chicago Starburst

The Set-Up: Player 1 starts on the opposite low block. Player 2 begins just inside the top of the key. Player 3 is just to the right of the top of the key. Player 4 is just to the left of the top of the key. Player 5 inbounds the ball.

The Action: Player 1 starts things off by coming up and catching the ball up top. Player 3 cuts across to the near corner. Player 2 steps up and sets a screen for the near forward closest to the inbounder. Player 4 comes off the screen and heads to the far corner. Now the center screens down for Player 1 and that big comes up and gets the pass. The inbounder (should be a guard) then follows the ball and there’s a pass right back to him/her. The big man circles around the guard as the guard penetrates and gets the entire lane to operate. You can penetrate and dish or take it straight to the rim.


New Jersey Need 2

The Set-Up: Two players are stacked at the nearside low block. Get another player set up on the near wing (just in front of the inbounder). Finally, have another player (preferably a guard) start off at the top of the key.

The Action: The bottom stack player starts by cutting to the near corner as a decoy. The inbounder should fake a pass to him. Meanwhile, the nearside player up top cuts across and sets a screen for the top of the key guard. This top of the key guard then comes off the pick and cuts straight to the ball looking for the pass. Next, the player who just set the screen for the top guard comes down and cuts off of a backscreen set by the top stack player. After the top stack player makes this pick, he cuts backside for a lob at the rim.


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