The latest Basketball DVDs featuring Jerry Faulkner, Billy Kennedy, Henry Bibby, Carl Bruggink, and Kelvin Sampson!

Here are some recent Basketball DVDs releases that include Jerry Faulkner, Billy Kennedy, Henry Bibby, Carl Bruggink, and Kelvin Sampson.  These are some of the nations best high school, college, and professional coaches.  The world class Basketball DVDs are titled:

Henry Bibby: Training with the Dribblepro

  • Improve your dribbling vision and feel for the basketball using the Dribblepro
  • Learn a variety of 1- and 2-ball drills to improve your ball handling skills against a pressure defense
  • Develop a better feel for the proper hand placement and securing the ball when shooting and rebounding

Jerry Faulkner: Managing the Coaching Issues You Face

  • Learn what issues coaches face before they arise unexpectedly
  • Receive insight on developing a system for dealing with various issues
  • Maximize your impact on the lives of your players both on and off the court

Billy Kennedy: Building a Championship Man-to-Man Defense

  • Get the principles behind Coach Kennedy’s “protect the ball, protect the basket” defensive philosophy
  • See warm-up drills to build a smothering man defense
  • Condition your team for a defensive stance
  • Learn team disadvantage situation drills
  • Rebounding Drills

Multi-Dimensional 1-3-1 Zone Defense

  • Learn the 7 keys to running a strong 1-3-1 zone defense
  • Understand 1-3-1 zone defensive positioning for all five players on the court
  • Learn to communicate within the zone with specific terms to alert teams of offensive actions
  • Learn the rotation patterns of each member within the zone, based upon movement of the ball by the offense
  • See several variations of the 1-3-1 defense to match your scouting report

Youth Basketball Drills for Offense, Defense & Intensity

  • Learn to create shooting drills tailored to your specific set plays and offense
  • Discover new drills that combine and develop essential basketball fundamentals
  • Develop more competitive players by incorporating intensity drills into your daily practice

“Daily Dozen” Shooting Drills for Youth Basketball

  • Gain valuable shooting tips from NBA assistant coach Kelvin Sampson
  • Improve your player’s confidence in their weak hand
  • Make your players harder to defend by discovering drills that teach them to shoot on the move
  • Help your player quickly catch and shoot before the defense recovers

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