New Wrestling DVDs featuring Ken Chertow!

We just released 8 Wrestling DVDs featuring Ken Chertow.  He is a former head coach at Ohio State University and Penn State University as well as a former US Olympian.  Check out these excellent Wrestling DVDs called:

All Access Gold Medal Wrestling Camp

  • Learn to drill moves in combinations to score if your first attack does not succeed
  • Look for feet-to-back transitions in order to optimize winning opportunities
  • Understand key aspects of training like nutrition and mental toughness that are important in developing the complete wrestler
  • Learn world-class technique and an intense work ethic that will set you apart from the rest

Ken Chertow’s Favorite Wrestling Techniques

  • Learn to use re-shots, front headlocks, and other techniques to score from your counter attacks
  • Develop the slide-by, as well as the set ups that will enable you to score in competition
  • Learn a variety of counter attacks from the sprawl position
  • Incorporate tilts and rolls to enhance your top and bottom wrestling

Home Training Center Skills & Drills, Volume 1

  • Master the seven basic skills that all wrestlers need to know and execute to maximize their potential and be successful
  • Incorporate the snake and twister technique to take down your opponent
  • Learn drills that will make your wrestlers’ stand-ups more explosive
  • Ken Certow has developed over 700 national and state champions at the club and high school level!

Home Training Center Skills & Drills, Volume 2

  • Learn to chain together pinning combinations and tilts to turn your opponent like NCAA champion Anthony Robles
  • Develop intense hand fighting skills to improve your position
  • Learn to drill setups from different tie-ups to create openings and scoring opportunities
  • Drills to condition the core muscles are presented in a unique and informative manner

Scoring from the Top: Breakdowns, Tilts, Pinning and Freestyle

  • Learn to apply consistent pressure correctly from the top position
  • Tilting for quick turns – including the “Robles tilt”
  • Learn a leg series for all body types
  • Develop chain wrestling strategies to score multiple sets of near fall points
  • Master several critical freestyle turns

Scoring from the Bottom: Second Moves and Chain Wrestling

  • Learn a variety of drills that promote explosive movement off of the bottom
  • Develop skills for a good hip heist to complement the stand-up
  • Develop chain wrestling skills and maximize multiple scoring opportunities
  • Turn reversals into five point moves or pins to increase your success on bottom
  • Learn to defend legs and score with a wide array of leg counters

Stand ups, Knee Slides and Critical Bottom Skills and Techniques

  • Make your stand up more effective by fine tuning your position
  • Recover and establish strong positions to consistently score from bottom
  • Address and correct common problems encountered on bottom
  • Develop chain wrestling skills by creating constant motion

High Percentage Upper Body Techniques

  • Learn the fundamentals of basic locks, ties, and throws to score using upper body techniques
  • Learn upper body tactics that can be used effectively in all three styles of wrestling
  • Learn how to hit Coach Hermann’s patented “Bonsai” arm throw
  • Develop an arsenal of high-percentage five point moves

Here are a couple more Ken Chertow DVDs that will improve your wrestlers!

High Percentage Takedowns
High Percentage Throws and Counter Attacks

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