New Football DVDs featuring the Viking 33 Defense!

Here we have three new Football DVDs featuring Grand View University and the Viking 33 defense.  Presented by Defensive Coordinator, Joe Woodley,  who was the 2009 Mid-States Football Association Assistant Coach of the Year.  See what you can teach your players from instruction in these Football DVDs, titled:

Viking 33 Defense: Four-Man Pressures

  • Discover a defense that will stifle your opponents’ running game
  • Wreak havoc on opposing offenses with multiple looks and shifts
  • Create the illusion that pressure is coming on every down
  • Learn a simple call system that allows your players to play with lightning speed

Viking 33 Defense: Multiple Look Secondary

  • Teach your defensive backs how to identify route concepts and read quarterback drops to improve pass coverage
  • Disguise your coverages and confuse offenses
  • Teach your defensive backs how to re-route receivers
  • Diagnose eight common mistakes that defensive backs make in their play and learn how to fix them

Viking 33 Defense: Concepts & Strategies

  • Easily adjust to the variety of offenses you will face this season
  • Learn six fronts you can use to provide multiple 3-3 looks while maintaining your base personnel
  • Learn the C.A.S.K.R call – a mental checklist that will condition your players to remember key elements to dominate possible one-on-one battles
  • See how to improve tackling and takeaways that are specific to this style of defense

Purchase the Joe Woodley’s Viking 33 Defense Series, and save $15!

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