Reader-Submitted Play of the Week: Zone Offense Quick Hitter

Submitted by Joseph Murphy, Shenendehowa High School, Clifton Park, NY

This is a play that can be used as a quick hitter or continuity offense.  It should only be used against a 2-3 defense. It’s a basic play in which the offense screens the zone to get open shots.

The play starts out in a 3-out 2-in set, with a 3 guard front and the two post players just outside the blocks.

The action begins when 1 passes to either 2 or 3. (In this example 1 passes to 2).  On the pass, the opposite guard screens the weak side of the zone (3).  2 immediately looks to skip the ball to 1 for a three-point shot.

After the skip, 3 replaces back to the top of offense.  If 1 does not have a shot, 5 will screen the outside person on the bottom of the zone for 4.  1 will then look to pass to 4 for a baseline jumper. After 4 screens the zone, they should turn and seal.

Meanwhile, if 4 doesn’t shoot the ball or look inside for a post-up, reverse the ball back to 1, and then to 3.  5 moves to the opposite block and 4 goes to the nearest block.  You’re now back to the beginning.

If the opposition fights through the guard screen, have your screener slip the screen and flash to the middle around the foul line. Once the ball is in the middle, you can either shoot, drive, look high, low, or move it back out.

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