New Football Books from Jerry Campbell!

We have just released six Football Books written by Jerry Campbell.  He is the Clovis West (CA) High School Football Coach.    See what offensive and defensive tactics you can learn about with these Football Books.

The Pistol Offense

The Installation of The Pistol Offense is designed to take those coaches interested in installing the Pistol Offense through the complete installation of the running and passing game with terms and illustrations.

Installing the Hybrid Pistol Wing-T

Installing The Pistol Hybrid Wing-T is an innovative combination of the Wing-T mixed with the Pistol concepts made popular by the University of Nevada.

How To Combine The Hybrid Gun, Pistol and Under Center Offense

This manual is 260 pages with an in-depth explanation on how to install and combine three of the most popular offenses being run today.

Installation of the 4-2-5 Defense

The “Multiple 4.2.5 Installation” is a complete manual that will help installing multiple eight-man fronts.

Combining the 3-3-5 with the 4-2-5 Defensive Schemes

The heart of this manual is its ability to combine the 3.3.5 with the 4.2.5 defensive scheme and its pressure packages.

Installing the Multiple 5-2 Defense

Installing the 5-2 Defense has been around for some time since Bud Wilkinson at the University of Oklahoma invented it back in the 1950’s. This manual will give you all the tools needed to install and coach this odd front defensive scheme.

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