New Soccer DVDs featuring Richard Smith and Mike Vincent!

Check out our latest Soccer DVDs which feature Richard Smith and Mike Vincent.  Both, hold a USSF “A” and USSF National Youth License.  See what unique plays you can teach your team with the instruction in these new Soccer DVDs.

Drills and Small-Sided Games for Shooting and Finishing

  • Learn a variety of creative drills and exercises to train shooting and crossing
  • Improve technique when shooting for power from distance, for accuracy from inside the 18 yard box and when on breakaways
  • Train players functionally to cross and finish through two and three player combinations

Game Winning Set Pieces

  • Create multiple options on free kicks to confuse your opponents and maximize your scoring opportunities
  • Train attackers to take defenders away from the goal in order to create attacking space
  • Defend corner kicks using both a man marking system and a zonal system
  • Learn to clear space behind the wall on free kicks to create opportunities
  • Use the throw-in to maximize scoring chances

If you purchase these two DVDs together, you will save $10!

Richard Smith 2-Pack

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