New Football DVDs featuring the University of Central Florida coaching staff!

This is a new Football DVD release that features the University of Central Florida coaching staff.  The 2010 conference USA Champions give you a variety of instruction in this video set.  The titles in this Football DVD series are:

Building the Complete Running Back

  • Blast through defenders, fall forward and protect the ball on every play
  • Focus on toughness, production, balance, quickness and strength to improve your backs
  • Create the “Complete Back” concept to increase the effectiveness of running, receiving, blocking and most importantly faking
  • Learn how to spot a potentially great running back to increase your recruiting effectiveness
  • Set goals and objectives for your RBs so they know your expectations and understand their role in the offense
  • Help your running backs understand who to key on and watch for on defense
  • Championship Wide Receiver Techniques

  • Improve your receivers’ blocking skills to open up the big play potential in your run game
  • 16 fundamentals of stalk blocking
  • Learn why the first four steps in a pass route are critical
  • Teach your receivers to attack the ball in flight and the level of concentration required to make the catch
  • 10 keys to ball security to reduce turnovers
  • Pass Protection Techniques, Slide Concepts and Drills

  • Master 3- and 4-man slide protections
  • Discover a drill progression that will allow your players to “take it to the game”
  • 5 daily drill pass protection techniques
  • 4 keys to evaluate technique & performance
  • The triangle read system in slide protection
  • The Complete Guide to Special Teams

  • Instruction on all four phases of special teams!
  • UCF special teams ranked No. 2 in the nation in 2010
  • Discover a simple punt coverage technique that forces the returner to change directions and slow down
  • Essential drills to for setting up blocks you need to spring your punt returner
  • Learn strategies to properly align your players for successful punt and kick-off coverage
  • Stopping the Spread Offense with the 4-2-5 / 4-3 Defense

  • Learn to scheme against a precision-timed offense with explosive capabilities
  • Read the alignment of receivers and running backs that tip-off what play may be coming
  • See how to change up line and linebacker play to give you appropriate numbers at the point of attack
  • Minimize the effectiveness of dangerous multi-formation offenses
  • Position Techniques and Drills for Defensive Back Play

  • Ensure the fastest take off with no false steps to maintain coverage or attack the run
  • Develop the proper pedal to maintain leverage and cushion on receivers
  • Perform the plant drive techniques to screw in your toe and accelerate
  • Understand the formations, player alignments and DB key reads
  • Developing Attack-Based Pass Rushers

  • Learn 5 key points for attacking a soft set offensive linemen with the bull rush move
  • Effectively attack quick setting offensive linemen
  • Build an effective speed rush to take advantage of speed mismatches on the line
  • Learn to identify and exploit any offensive lineman’s characteristics
  • Linebacker Fundamentals, Techniques and Reads

  • Get over 20 drills to develop the most important tools of the trade for all linebackers
  • Coach linebackers the proper reads, to recognize keys, and react to offensive movements
  • Use multiple blocking and tackling drills to increase read and reaction skills of linebackers
  • Develop a pre-snap mental checklist that puts linebackers in the best position to be successful
  • Purchase these 8 DVDs as a set and save $65!

    UCF Technique, Skills and Drills Series


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