All Access UConn Men’s Basketball: Full Court Drills and Defending the Pick & Roll

In the latest edition of All Access, we take you back to Storrs, Connecticut for an exclusive look inside a University of Connecticut men’s basketball practice. Watch as renowned head coach Jim Calhoun leads the Huskies through an early season pep talk plus a variety of team drills during the second practice of the campaign.

After opening comments and discussion, Connecticut runs through several full court drills that include 2-on-1 Throw Outs, Fast Break 5 Full, and Straight Pick & Roll. Make sure that you pick up some new tips, insights, and drills from this all-access session and look for ways to incorporate them with your own squad.

Opening Comments and Huddle

Coach Calhoun opens up practice with a discussion on opportunities and chances to get better as a team every day. Says Calhoun, “Don’t just come to practice to survive, come to excel.” Additional topics discussed include rebounding, transition, execution, effort, and attitude.


2 on 1 Throw Outs

This is a full court transition drill involving three lines of players. The middle player throws the ball out to around the free throw line area before quickly hustling down court and defending the impending 2 on 1 transition break. The defensive guy must get back as fast as he can to stop the fast break or else it’s an easy basket for the offense. Meanwhile, offensive players must make good decisions and finish the play.


Fast Break 5 Full

Next, this full court drill starts with a rebound in the half court setting and continues with a fast break up the floor 5 on 5. The group plays it out on both ends as each team gets a shot at offense. Teams should be immediately looking to run and get the ball up the floor fast. It’s key that players communicate with each other and help teammates through picks.


Pick & Roll Straight

Finally, this last team drill focuses on having players talk their teammates through a pick and roll in a 4 on 4 setting. Communication is crucial here. The goal is to get your teammates through the picks and don’t allow the ball handler to come off the screen too quickly. Get out on the help and make sure that you show yourself.


The previous clips can be seen on Championship Productions’ DVD “All Access Practice with Jim Calhoun.” To check out more videos in our All Access collection, click here.

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