New Field Hockey DVDs featuring Tina McDavitt!

Here are two new Field Hockey DVDs featuring Tina McDavitt.  She is a 2x New England Small College Athletic Conference (NESCAC) Coach of the Year.  The titles of these recent Field Hockey DVD releases are:

Offensive Drills & Skill Development

  • Break up the monotony of practice and keep your team focused with a variety of fun, competitive drills
  • Incorporate defense into your offensive drills to keep your entire team busy
  • Create urgency in your drills to develop game-ready skills
  • Team Defensive Strategies and Drills

  • Learn how to implement the stingy Diamond and Triangle Defenses
  • Use circuit drills to develop and maintain the important fundamental skills and fitness of your defenders
  • Learn to defend as a team, get numbers behind the ball and create a hard to penetrate defense

    Purchase these two DVDs together and save $10!

    Tina McDavitt 2-Pack

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