Reader-Submitted Play of the Week: “Box Hi”

Submitted by Dave Boehm, Bishop Moore Catholic High School, Orlando, Florida

Overview: This is a quick hitter we use to try and take advantage of our athletic 4 on the low block. It also allows us to get our 2 guard a good look depending on how the defense plays.

The Set-Up: The play starts in a box set with our 4 on the high elbow and our 2 on the low block opposite each other. As our point guard dribbles to the opposite side of 4, 3 comes across the lane and runs his man off of a screen from our 2.

The Action: After screening for 3, the 2 now sets a back screen for the 4 who curls to the basket. The 5 will pop out high and 1 will ball fake to 5 to try and clear lane space (by drawing 5’s defender up). 1 then throws the ball to 3 in the corner.

The Finish: After back-screening for 4, 2 now comes off a staggered double from 1 and 5. The 3 has the option to throw it inside to the 4 or hit the 2 for a three-point shot.


Love the general concept, however, this play really overloads the strongside and any defense that closes out well will shut you down.

Remember in this case 1 can slip the stagger, but if you want 5 to slip the second screen of the stagger when 2 comes off of it, have 5 flare screen for 1 then 1 and 5 screen for 2

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