2 Versatile Plays to Beat Man-to-Man Defenses

Looking to add a few wrinkles to the basketball playbook this season? With defensive techniques becoming more complex and diverse, it’s key that coaches are equipped with a variety of creative set plays they can call upon for any offensive situation. Be sure to read the following offensive plays designed to attack man-to-man defenses. Check out a diagram of each play to see how they should be conducted before watching the play simulated live by a real team on the basketball court.

Hoosier for Three Points

Submitted by Eddie Sutton, Former Head Coach at Oklahoma State, Stillwater, Oklahoma

The Set-up: The point guard starts up top with the ball. The player you want shooting should be on the right wing. Your two best rebounders should be on the left-hand side of the court, with one on the left block and another on the left wing.

The Action: The point guard dribbles to the right-hand side of the floor. The low block player on the strong side pops up and screens for the strong-side wing player. The player on the wing uses the screen and breaks toward the basket but continues to cut along the baseline and then cuts around staggered screens set by the two weakside players. He pops up behind the opposite three-point line.

The Finish: The PG throws a skip pass to the player coming off the double screen and proceeds to shoot the three-pointer. The two low screeners should also be in good position to crash the boards.


Man Offense to Create a Mismatch

Submitted by Greg Goodwin, Former Girls’ Head Coach at Absegami High School, Absecon, New Jersey

The Set-up: 1 starts up top with the ball. 3 and 4 are on opposite elbows and 5 and 2 are on opposite low blocks (5 and 3 weakside).

The Action: 1 dribbles to a spot just about opposite of 5. 2 screen across hoping for a switch by the defenders. 1 looks for 5 coming across the baseline for a possible post-up scoring opportunity.

The Finish: If 5 doesn’t get the ball, 3 and 4 set staggered screens for 2, who comes to the top of the key looking for a jumper or drive to the hoop. If 2 doesn’t have the outside shot, 1 and 3 set down screens for 4 and 5.


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