New Track & Field DVDs featuring Clyde Hart!

We have just released two new Track & Field DVDs featuring Clyde Hart.  He is the Baylor University Track & Field Director and has coached in three straight Olympics.  The titles of these new Track & Field DVDs are:

Clyde Hart’s 200/400M Sprint Training Program

  • Get a never-before-seen look at Coach Hart’s philosophy on training and race strategy for 400 meter runners
  • Learn how to set up pre-season and in-season training for your 400 meter runners
  • Get sample workouts for 400 meter runners and learn how to adjust them to your athletes’ level
  • Over 3 hours of instruction for only $119.99!
  • Learn the same training regime Hart used with Michael Johnson, Jeremy Wariner and Sanya Richards!
  • You will learn how to teach your athletes the proper mindset for successful sprinting
  • Clyde Hart’s Speed Development for Track & Field

  • Learn the speed-producing drills Hart uses to develop the world’s best sprinters
  • Build an effective sprint training program using Hart’s “pyramid philosophy” to get the most out of your athletes every season
  • Incorporate the legendary sprint workouts Hart has used over the years including Hart’s “Speed-makers” workout, the 300 event workout, and his 300/100 workout
  • Learn the same speed development training Hart used/uses with Michael Johnson, Jeremy Wariner and Sanya Richards!
  • Create a yearlong strength training program that will develop speed and power in your athletes to bring it all together

    Buy Clyde Hart’s Speed Development 2-pack and save $20!

    Clyde Hart’s Speed Development 2-Pack

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