New Lacrosse DVDs featuring Chris Robinson and John Nostrant!

We have two Lacrosse DVDs which have just been released that feature Chris Robinson.  His latest achievement was Back-to-Back (2011, 2010 ) LaxPower High School Girls Lacrosse National Championships.  The titles of the new Lacrosse DVDs are:

Drills to Build a Dodge-First Offense

  • Create a “dodge-first” mindset that will reduce turnovers and increase possession time for your offense
  • Teach your players to focus on the center of the play to spot cutters for high-percentage scoring opportunities
  • Increase the efficiency of your players’ dodges to penetrate the defense
  • Use competition to increase the intensity and introduce fun to your practices
  • Keep your offense moving by cutting for scoring opportunities and popping away for outlet passes
  • Skills & Drills to Develop the Complete Lacrosse Player

  • Learn simple individual exercises that build to game-like situations and allow players to push their own development within the practice setting
  • See shuttle drills that maximize player involvement during practice
  • Learn ground ball exercises to develop on-field situational awareness
  • Purchase the two DVDs together and save $10!

    Chris Robinson 2-Pack


    We also have recently released three Lacrosse DVDs featuring John Nostrant.  He led his team to a LaxPower High School Boys Lacrosse National Championship.  The title of these Lacrosse DVDs are:

    High School Coaching Academy: All-Access Haverford Lacrosse Practice with John Nostrant

  • See two live practices from 2011 High School National Champ, The Haverford School
  • Pick up fundamental drills for offense and defense as well as individual skill drills
  • Keep your practices up-tempo and keep your players involved using these concepts and strategies
  • High School Coaching Academy: Efficient Shooting Drills for Lacrosse Practice

  • Get a high volume of shots with good technique in your practices
  • Learn to pick drills that mimic your offense and how that will make your practices more efficient
  • Make the most of your warm-up time with 5 drills that simultaneously improve fundamentals
  • High School Coaching Academy: Training the Lacrosse Goalie

  • Improve position fundamentals, the outlet pass and footwork fundamentals
  • Learn drills to perfect body positioning and stick positioning
  • Pick up a simple technique to help makes saves in traffic

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