New All Access Wrestling DVD featuring Jim Miller!

We have just released an All Access Wrestling DVD featuring Jim Miller and the Wartburg coaching staff.  He led his team to 2011 D-III NCAA National Championship and has 8 career NCCA Championships.  The title of this new All Access Wrestling DVD is:

All Access Wartburg College Wrestling Practice with Jim Miller

  • See the pace, style and practice methods of a highly successful program–live!
  • Learn how to put your athletes in match like situations in practice
  • See individualize instruction for specific wrestlers during practice time
  • Add an early morning workout that is efficient but intense and thus appropriate for use before school
  • Check out more Wrestling instruction from Jim Miller below:

    Jim Miller: Key Positions and Concepts

    Wartburg Drill System: Beginning Drills

    Wartburg Drill System: Advanced Drills

    Wartburg Drill System: Conditioning Drills


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