3 Effective Sideline Inbounds Plays to Implement This Season

In this week’s Playbook Series, we break down three sideline inbounds plays that have paid major dividends for a trio of college basketball programs. For each play, make sure that you first follow the breakdown before seeing them simulated live on the basketball court.

Side-Out Play for Any Situation

Submitted by Tubby Smith, Head Men’s Basketball Coach, University of Minnesota

The Set-Up: 3 takes the ball out on the side. 1 and 2 line up in the lane, with 2 at the nearside low block area, and 1 just below the elbow. 5 starts in the ballside corner near the three-point line. 4 begins up at the top of the key and just beyond the three-point line.

The Action: 1 breaks up and screens for 4 and then rolls to the top of the three-point circle. 4 uses 1’s screen and cuts hard to the basket. 5 then screens in for 2, who rolls underneath the screen and pops into the near corner.

The Finish: 3 looks for a lob pass to 4 in the lane or hits 2 in the corner. 2 can shoot from there or dump it into 5 in the low block area. 1 rolls to the top and acts as a safety valve.

Another Option: If there’s no initial shot, 3 inbounds to the safety outlet 1. 1 takes the pass and then dribbles to the left and at the top of the key. While 1 is dribbling left, 4 pops out beyond the three-point line around the far wing area (free throw line extended), while 5 and 2 break up and set staggered screens for 3. Next, 1 passes to 4. 3 can come over the top or underneath the staggered screens and then cuts toward the basket. 4 should look for 3 on the cut to the hoop for an inside shot.


“Hornet” Side Out of Bounds Play

Submitted by Marc Comstock, Emporia State University, Emporia, KS

The Set-Up: 3 has the ball out of bounds. 2 starts at the near low block. 5 is positioned at the opposite low block. 4 is at the top of the key (ball side) and 1 is also at the top of key area (far side).

The Action: 1 gets open off a screen from 4 at the top of the key. 3 passes to 1. 1 then dribbles to the opposite side and either looks for 2 coming off 5’s screen for an outside shot, feeds 5 in the low post area, or lobs the ball into 4. Meanwhile, 3 goes to the block and then backpicks for 4 and releases for the shot. 4 receives the backpick and cuts to the basket looking for a lob pass. 5 screens for 2 and then posts up.

The Finish: 1 passes to 3, 2 runs the baseline and comes off screens set by 4 and 5. 3 faces the basket and looks for 2 cutting towards the hoop.

Dribble Option: 1 passes to 3 and sets a staggered screen for 2. 3 dribbles to the opposite side and passes to either 4 or 2 off the staggered pick. 4 posts up.


Sideline Out of Bounds with Four Scoring Options

Submitted by Dave Canter, University of Tennessee-Chattanooga

The Set-Up: 3 starts with the ball out of bounds. Players are stacked in a double stack formation. 4 and 5 are at the near low block, with 4 below 5. 1 and 2 are at the opposite low block, with 1 below 2.

The Action: The following moves take place in order. 2 picks for 1, who cuts hard to the top of the key. 2 then breaks hard to the ballside corner thanks to the double pick set by 4 and 5. 4 then rolls to the foul line. 5 turns and posts up hard.

The Finish: If 5 is fronted, you can clear the backside for a lob. Four options are now available for player 3. 3 can pass to 1 or 2 for the three-pointer, or can pass to 4 or 5 for a two-point shot.


The previous clips can be seen on Championship Productions’ DVD “Over 50 Sensational Sideline Inbounds Plays” produced by Winning Hoops. To check out more effective team plays in the Winning Hoops collection, simply visit our basketball library.

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