Reader Drill Submission of the Week: “Moses”

Submitted by Greater Gwinnett Christian, Norcross, Georgia

This play is designed to be used against a man-to-man defense.  The play spreads the court and allows penetration to the basket.

In this sequence, all players will at times play each position on the court. Don’t be too concerned with the player numbers. Instead, pay attention to the rules listed below. 1 starts with the ball up top. 2 and 3 are on opposite wings behind the three-point line. 4 and 5 are in the opposite corners beyond the three three-point line.

The play starts with a pass to either wing. Player 1 passes the ball to Player 3 and cuts to the basket, looking for the return pass from 3. If he doesn’t receive the return pass, he goes to the opposite corner. Player 2 rotates to fill the vacant spot left by Player 1. Player 4 rotates to fill the position left by Player 2.

Rule #1: The player at the top of the key always fills the corner opposite of the direction of his/her pass.

If Player 3 can’t get the ball to Player 1 cutting to the hoop, he has two options.

Option 1: Player 1 passes back to the point to Player 2 and cuts to the basket looking for the return pass. If the return pass is not there, he replaces Player 5 (who has replaced Player 3).

Rule #2: When a wing passes to the point, he fills the corner position on the same side of the court.

Option 2: Player 3 could also pass to the corner (Player 5) and cut to the basket looking for the return pass. If the return pass is not there, Player 3 cuts to the opposite corner and player 1, 4, and 2 all rotate to the next positions.

Rule #3: When a wing passes to the corner, he cuts to the basket and rotates to the opposite corner.

Next, Player 5 passes to Player 2 and cuts off of the screen set by Player 1 coming across the lane and looks for a return pass from Player 2. As Player 1 comes across the lane to set the screen for Player 5, he may be open for a pass. If not, he posts up looking for a pass from Player 2. If there isn’t a pass to either 5 or 1, they both go to the corners.

Rule #4: Whenever a corner passes to a wing, they cut to the basket following the opposite wing setting a screen. The wing posts up and goes to the opposite corner.

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