3 Baseline Inbounds Plays that Net Results

Spice up your playbook this season by implementing these three highly effective under-the-basket inbounds plays. The following plays are geared to counter and surprise any defensive scheme and will give your team an edge during crucial situations. First, read through each play description before watching it being run live on the court with real players.

Multi-Screen Out of Bounds Play

Submitted by Mike Pendleton, Fresno Pacific College, Fresno, CA

The Set-Up: The initial formation is out of a box set. 1 starts with the ball under the basket on the right side. 5 starts on the right low block, 3 is on the opposite low block, 4 is at the near elbow, and 2 starts at the opposite elbow.

The Action: 5 screens across for 3 in the middle of the lane. 3 cuts across the pick and sprints to the near corner and receives the entry pass from 1. 3 then dribbles up to the top of the key and eventually looks for 1, who comes off a triple screen. 5 screens at the near low block, 2 cuts diagonally across the lane and screen just above 5, and 4 cuts down from the elbow and screens just above 2. If open, 3 passes to 1 on the opposite wing. However, this is usually just a decoy to set up the actual play.

The Finish: Next, players 5 and 4 “screen in” for 2, who splits the screens and receives a pass from 3 on the near wing for an open three-point shot.


Under the Basket Inbounds

Submitted by Keith Cooper, St. Martin’s College, Lacey, WA

The Set-Up: This play work against both man and zone defense. Players line up in a box set. 4 takes the ball out underneath. 3 starts at the near low block. 5 is at the opposite low block. 1 is just above the near elbow and 2 is at the opposite elbow.

The Action: 3 cuts to the near corner and receives a quick pass from 4. At the same time, 1 sets a screen across for 2, who breaks wide and to the near wing. 3 passes to 2 on the wing coming off the screen. 2 takes a few hard dribbles directly at 1 and 1 acts as if he/she is setting an on-ball screen for 2, but then quickly breaks down the lane and sets a downscreen on 4’s defender.

The Finish: 4 curls around the screen and cuts in front of the basket and looks to receive the pass from 2 for a good shot opportunity in the lane.


Flex Underneath Out of Bounds

Submitted by Ron Jirsa, Marshall University, Huntington, WV

This is a great under-the-basket play that gives you three ways to beat a tough man-to-man defense.

Option A: All four players line up along the baseline. 1 starts in the opposite corner, 4 is on the opposite low block, 5 is at the near low block, and 3 is in the near corner. When 2 calls “Break“, 4 and 5 both cut towards the basket and then sprint hard to each elbow. Next, 2 passes to 5, who quickly reverses it to 4.

Option B: From the same set, 4 and 5 criss cross and sprint to opposite elbows. 2 passes to 4 at the ballside elbow and he/she reverses to 5.

Option C: Also, 5 can slide across the lane and set a screen for 4, who pops across the lane and to the ballside elbow. After the screen, 5 slides up the weakside elbow and 2 passes the ball to 4 on the ballside elbow. 4 swings the ball to 5. From here, 2 steps inbounds and sets a screen for 3, who runs a flex cut towards the basket. 5 looks to hit 3 for a quick-hitting layup. If it’s not there, after setting the screen for 3, 2 can come off a downscreen from 4 and pop up top. 5 will then hit 2 for a jumpshot.


The previous clips can be seen on Championship Productions’ DVD “Over 70 Baseline and Under the Basket Inbounds Plays” produced by Winning Hoops. To check out more plays in the Winning Hoops collection, visit our basketball library.

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