Reader Submitted Play of the Week: Warrior out of the 1-4 High Set

Submitted by Brian Barnes, The Sage Colleges, Albany, NY

The Set-Up: The following is a man-to-man play that we call “Warrior.” First, set up in a 1-4 high set. The PG is up top, the SG and SF are on the wings outside the three point line and foul line extended.  The PF and Center start out on the elbows.

The Action: The play begins when the PG picks a side and dribble pushes the wing player to the ball side block. The ball side big man screens the weakside big man on the elbow post-to-post screen. The big whose man was screened sprints over to set a ball screen. The post-to-post screen should eliminate a strong hedge unless the defense switches. The guard who was dribble-pushed to the ball side block holds until the PG dribbles off the ball screen.

The Finish: When the PG comes off the ball screen, the ball side guard runs off a stagger on the opposite side. The weakside wing is the first screener and the PF or C is the second screener in the stagger. The PG must get the ball to the guard coming off the stagger on the opposite side.  Once the guard catches the ball on the wing, there is a baseline stagger for the forward who set the ball screen.

This is a great play to get a shooter a three-pointer or hit a back-to-the-basket player on the baseline stagger for a post-up.

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