3 Game-Winning Sideline Inbound Plays Used by the Pros

Hoping to add a few new inbounds plays this season to spice up your playbook? Check out these trio of plays used by the Houston Rockets, Toronto Raptors, and Boston Celtics during the 2008-09 NBA campaign. NBA Advanced Scout Noel Gillespie gives you exclusive access to a variety of effective in-bounds plays designed to net points — particularly for late game situations or late-clock scoring opportunities.

Houston Need 3

The Set-Up: The 1 guard or shooter starts with the ball out of bounds on the sideline. One forward is at the far-side elbow, the other guard is at the nearside elbow, the big man is at the top of the key, and the other forward is at the low near block.

The Action: The farside elbow player cuts to the near corner, then the low block guy cuts to the far opposite corner. The ball is passed in to the player in the near corner. Then the near elbow guy cuts to the top of the key and replaces the big guy. The big guy comes down and sets a screen for the inbounder just to the left of the top of the key. The inbounder cuts around this screen to the top of the key. The corner player hits the inbounder with a pass at the top of the key for a shot.


Toronto Starburst

The Set-Up: A guard takes the ball out of bounds. Two players start on opposite side wings (guard and forward) just off the top of the key. The big man is just above the foul line and another forward starts down low in the middle of the paint.

The Action: The big man sets a back pick for the nearside high wing player. That wing player will cut to the opposite corner. The big man will then screen for the 3 man on the opposite high wing area. That 3 man will then cut to the near corner. Then the big man will set another pick, this time for the guard down low and that player will come up to the top of the key.

The inbounder passes to the guard up top. After that pass, the inbounder cuts down towards the near low block and around the low side of a double screen there set by 5 and 4. The inbounder cuts below and then up to the far wing area, receives the pass from 2, and takes the shot.


Boston Need 2

The Set-Up: The inbounder (forward) starts on the sideline. Another forward starts up at the top of the key. One guard is on the opposite wing. A second guard is just off the low near block and the big man is at the near elbow.

The Action: The elbow player comes down and sets a screen for the low block player. The top of the key player then switches with the wing player (trading spots) while the big man sets the down screen. The low block player curls around the pick and receives a lob from the inbounder for a quick layup.


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