Drill Submission of the Week: 11-Man Drill with Options

Submitted by Joseph Murphy, Shenendehowa High School, Clifton Park, NY

Overview: The 11-Man Drill with Options is a practice drill used by Murphy quite frequently. A basic “11-Man Drill” combines the three-man fast break vs. a two-man “I” defense. However, the drill has been adjusted to give more of a game-like feel and have less repetitiveness. It also makes your players decide what to do based on the defensive alignment.

The Setup: The drill starts out with three offensive players across the right foul line, a two-man tandem on defense situated in the right and left lane areas, and the remaining four players each positioned at the intersection of the sideline and the foul line extended.

The Action: Start with the three offensive players advancing the ball and trying to score against the two-man defensive tandem. The emphasis here should be on getting the basketball to the middle and stopping the ball.

When a shot goes up, the rebounder outlets the ball to the players at the foul line extended and becomes the third man in the next group of three on offense going from left to right. The two remaining offensive players from the first group become the next defensive tandem on the left end and the other players fill the wing spots. The drill continues back and forth continuously.

Drill Options: This is where the options come into play. A coach should stand on one end of the court, while an assistant should stand on the other end. After a change of possession, the coach will tell the defense that stays behind either:

• Two People Low (Regular 11-Man Defense)

• Two People High (One attacks the outlet pass, the other picks up at half court)

• Two People Medium (One picks up at half court, the other at the three-point line)

• One Person High (Attacking the outlet pass)

• One Person Medium (Picking up at half court)

• One Person Low (Protecting at the rim)

Additional Notes: The coach should choose randomly which setup he/she wants and it’s up to the players to decide how to attack the different situations. We go through this drill for about 7-8 minutes.

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