New Swimming DVDs Featuring Mark Onstott

We have recently released four Swimming DVDs featuring Mark Onstott.  He has coached his team to five team state championships(IL).  These four new Swimming DVDs are titled:

High School Coaching Academy: Building a Championship Program 

  • Includes 14 essential focus areas that are the framework for program success
  • Learn how to develop winning behaviors with your swimmers
  • Learn proven strategies for providing the most positive swimming experience for your athletes and their parents

High School Coaching Academy: Strokes, Starts, Turns and Breakouts 

  • Complete skill set with teaching progressions for all four strokes, starts and turns
  • Includes demonstrators with varying ability offering a more realistic look at how to develop beginning high school swimmers and how to refine more advanced swimmers
  • Easy to understand and easy to implement drill progressions
  • Over 2.5 hours of technique instruction
  • Common errors and corrections included

High School Coaching Academy: Training and Workout Strategies 

  • Learn to create a high school seasonal plan
  • Get a detailed breakdown of five seasonal training phases
  • Includes strategies and creative workout ideas
  • Make the most of your practice time by organizing your team into productive training groups

High School Coaching Academy: Dryland Training Program 

  • Build strength, speed, explosive power and endurance into your swimmers
  • Learn how to organize an in-season high school dryland program
  • See demonstrations of 60 exercises/variations
  • Focuses on six specific muscle groups for swimmers

Purchase the High School Coaching Academy: Swimming Series and save $20:

High School Coaching Academy: Swimming Series

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