New 4-3 Defense Instruction Featuring the Michigan State Coaching Staff!

We have recently released two football DVDs featuring the Michigan State coaching staff.  Michigan State has built a dominating defense and is currently ranked #2 nationally in Team Defense.  These two new 4-3 Defense DVDs are titled:

Stopping the Pass with the 4-3 Over / Cover 4 Defense

  • Incorporate an aggressive Cover 4 into your 4-3 Defense
  • Force bubble releases by receivers
  • Force throws to secondary receivers
  • Slow down receiver routes

 Stopping the Run with 4-3 Over / Cover 4 Defense

  • Run a simple base defense that allows your players to play fast and physical
  • Make easy adjustments to defend any offensive formation
  • Play aggressive defense while maintaining gap integrity

Are you interested in more 4-3 Defense DVDs?  Check out the following from the Wisconsin coaching staff:

Aggressive 4-3 Defense: Setting Up the System
Aggressive 4-3 Defense: Stuffing the Run
Aggressive 4-3 Defense: Shutting Down the Passing Game

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