New Wrestling DVDs Featuring Chris Pendleton and Mark Branch!

We have recently released four Wrestling DVDs featuring Chris Pendleton and Mark Branch.  Both of whom were 2x NCAA Champions at Oklahoma State.  These four new Wrestling DVDs are titled:

Mastering the Underhook Tie 

  • Develop new ways to score from the underhook tie
  • Get a new way to control the match and have constant attacks
  • Arm your wrestlers with techniques designed to take their opponent directly to their back

Mastering the High Crotch Crackdown 

  • Learn three solid set ups and more than 10 finishes for the high crotch
  • Witness a champion and great technician master one of the toughest areas to finish: the high crotch crackdown
  • Turn lost takedowns and stalemates into takedowns, near-falls, and pins

No Fear! Attacking from the Bottom Position 

  • Learn key positions on the bottom to prevent your opponent from scoring
  • Defend and score against the crab ride and leg riders
  • Develop confidence on the bottom that will open up more scoring opportunities
  • Learn to counter an opponent with two legs in, either from your stomach or from a sit-out position

Practice Routines Volume II: Drills from the Feet 

  • Learn drills to build fluid movement between upper body (hands) and lower body (feet)
  • Teach your wrestlers to move their opponent effectively, take good shots and finish shots
  • These drills can be done inside or outside of the wrestling room, which is extremely beneficial to high school coaches during their pre-season conditioning

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