New Drill Progression Baseball DVDs Featuring Brandon Buck

We have recently released four new Baseball DVDs on drill progression featuring Brandon Buck.  He coaches Moutain Pointe High School, who won the 2011 5A Division 1 Arizona State Championship.  These four new Baseball DVDs are titled:

Drill Progressions for Developing Corner Infielders 

  • Make your first baseman a defensive weapon
  • Employ more than 20 drills that instill technical excellence and improve practice efficiency
  • Master Coach Buck’s effective “drill-progression” method to build confidence and create competence

Drill Progressions for Developing Middle Infielders 

  • Take your middle infield to a new level of execution
  • Develop championship glove work, footwork, rhythm and aggressiveness
  • Utilize 15+ drills based on Coach Buck’s unique drill progression approach

Drill Progressions for Developing Catchers 

  • Understand and perfect the catcher’s #1 job
  • Learn 20 drills for perfecting each facet of catching
  • See drill progressions for receiving, blocking, throwing, tagging and funneling rather than framing

Drill Progressions for Developing Outfielders 

  • Develop championship-caliber outfielders with 15+ well-designed drills that train proper movement and mechanics through Coach Buck’s proven “Drill Progression” technique
  • Manage productive practices by following specific approaches for maximizing outfield reps while minimizing fatigue
  • Create outfielders who get great jumps, take proper angles, play the wall perfectly, avoid collisions, throw with accuracy, and communicate effectively

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