All Access Maryland Women’s Basketball: Position Work and Shooting Technique

In this week’s edition of All Access, we head to College Park, Maryland for an exclusive look inside a University of Maryland women’s basketball practice. First, the Terps run through a series of shooting drills on the heels of a midweek workout session. Then, watch as the squad focuses on position-specific drills.

With this inside look, we hope that coaches, players, and parents alike can get a glimpse at how a Division I basketball program prepares during the season. Also, it can be an ideal way for fellow coaches to take notes on certain drills, strategies, and methods that might be useful for their own squad.

Shooting Technique

After a lift session for about 45 minutes, the team hits the hardwood for some shooting drills. First, the squad runs through the four shooting steps: sit, present, pocket and shot. This will go on for 25 reps.

It’s key that the players are put into positions where they will take shots in a game. The squad will do 150-200 shots every day that they lift, which is three days a week. The shooting segment will usually take less than 30 minutes. Notice as the team counts their makes and charts the misses. It’s key that they know what they are shooting each week.

As mentioned previously, the players go through four different steps on how to shoot the basketball. First, there’s sitting. They are sitting in their invisible chair and getting down low. Remember, everything starts with your legs and footwork.

Next, they are presenting their hands to receive the pass. After that, they are taking the ball from the pass and into their shot pocket. And finally, the last step is shooting the basketball. They are picking spots high up on the glass to work on their form, technique, follow-through, and full extension of their hand.

The goal here is also to work out the sores and stiffness after just working out. They also learn how to communicate with each other.


Position Work

First for the bigs, the players work on their hands. When a player’s name is called, they must be ready at all times. In this first drill, they must turn around, find the ball, and work on their handwork. Post players will focus on catching tough passes in traffic, finding the ball, tracking it, and making ball fakes.

As for the guards, they’re also focusing on passes. In this case, it’s bounce passes. The players are stepping to every pass and getting low. Notice that the fundamentals are being preached here, even with a Div. I basketball program. The fundamentals need constant tuning throughout the season, even for a talented program.

Next, it’s tight curls with the guards for jumpers. A chair is placed where they must make the tight curls. For the bigs, it’s on to catching the ball in traffic with the defense on their back. It could be a good or bad pass.

Finally, it’s on to outlets. There’s a rebound first and then an outlet pass to a guard. The players quickly get out into transition. There should be three quick steps and players exploding out in transition. Players must maintain proper form and hustle up the court. Notice that players will run the floor, circle around a chair and then back before trying to beat the defense and score on the fast break.


The previous clips can be seen on Championship Productions’ DVD “All Access Maryland Women’s Basketball Practice with Brenda Frese.” To check out more All Access videos, visit our extensive basketball library.

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