New Basketball DVDs Featuring Florida State Strength Training Coach Michael Bradley!

We have recently released four Basketball DVDs featuring Florida State strength training coach Michael Bradley.  He will show you how improve performance and reduce the risk of injury.  These four new Basketball Strength Training DVDs are titled:

High Intensity Strength Training Volume 1: Theory and Application 

  • See the framework for a proven strength training system
  • Learn the fundamental theories of high intensity strength training
  • Get the most out of your time in the weight room

High Intensity Strength Training Volume 2: Exercise Protocols and Techniques 

  • Learn techniques to increase the intensity and effectiveness of exercise
  • Master the finer coaching points of advance high intensity training techniques
  • Includes special consideration for the knee and knee tendonitis


High Intensity Strength Training Volume 3: Organization and Implementation 

  • Implement your high intensity strength training program
  • Track recording and progression to ensure accountability and results
  • Organize routines and schedules to be as efficient as possible

High Intensity Strength Training Volume 4: Metabolic Conditioning and Manual Resistance Training 

  • The power technique of manual resistance training
  • Metabolic conditioning, one of the most unique training methods available
  • Special considerations for the ankle and lower leg

Purchase the DVDs as a four disc set and save $20:

High Intensity Strength Training Series

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